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that last one was uncalled for and rude the others are just poopooposts tho

funny how most the same type places that use 12h time use the imperial system
really makes you think

12h time people be like
"oi let me go check the ol sundial be back in a jiffy"

l + ratio + clearly too brittish brained and far gone

Body weight 

Bruh didnt weight since last endo apt and +8 kg yike didnt even notice

lmao watching parents realize they have no power and shit will happen is always the funniest

Plus i lost a 10 e bill worst fkin day im pissed

like i mean youd think theres a point you just couldnt take in any more details and yet here we are
and like its not as if you could stare contest they have 0 chill and give no fucks
old farts are rude af

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24h format ppl when asked a time in am/pm: yeah sure its at 6pm

am/pm people when you ask 24h format: ehmm uh uh ehm what comes after 12 ehm uhh this makes no sense wtf

bruh old people rly like to just stare at you as if you couldnt realize

if i used to follow you and you used to follow me and you just got a new follow request from me
i have blocked/unblocked a bunch of accounts i was not sure about
if you think this was a mistake and we know each other from like the 2 discords i take part in pretty much feel free to contact me on there to fix this
if it was a mistake i am very sorry, i probably did not make the link between your fedi account and your discord/matrix
sorry for the troubles

if you want to follow me and i do not know you, there is a low chance i will accept

if i know you from somewhere feel free to tell me so on where i actually interact with you to prove identity

if your profile is empty you are never getting accepted

im very oblivious about some stuffs and all but im always open to a chat

just saw this in a bio and am steal
"i prefer open criticism towards my mistakes over quiet disapproval" thanksies

i do a lot of screaming at the void, please don't take any of it personally

(beware this cat is feral and was never properly socialized)

also i have a 1.18 minecraft server running on ✨ ✨ for those of you interested in that
its pretty much an anarqueer vanilla server that anybody can join
the map is relatively small and freshly generated for 1.18 so that the world size stays manageable long term (especially now that build height is twice what it used to be)
its in offline mode with automatic login for paid accounts so even cracked people can join
✨ also got a wow 3.3.5 server now same domain ✨

social is a queer antifascist autonomous collective that aims to spread awareness about data rights