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as a swede,
imagine being norwegian lmao

as a norwegian,
imagine being swedish lmao

not rly into cars but i just want to watch initial d for the eurobeat ngl

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RT @bompard
Faire passer un entretien d’embauche face à la mer à Paris : je faisais aujourd'hui mes premiers pas dans le Metavers, sous les traits d’un drôle d’avatar, avec de jeunes candidats data analysts ou data scientists...

Carrefour innove, apprend, surprend !

everything everywhere all at once is a fucking trip lol

i really want to learn to make like animations like the kind you see to illustrate narrative type videos but that are like drawn and artsy and feel stop motion-y
the type you see on the youtubes like kurzgesagt or fireship or uncleginger type beats and stuff like that

[kurzgesagt voice] my dick appears to have fallen off

mild hot discourse 

people in 2022: yo wtf stop using backends just don't have a backend also don't use Java Script (the thing your browser has had for 20+ years) lol
sure it happens (a lot) that the wrong tools are used for something but that could also be simply to gain technical know how, or idk simply because nobody that actually works with webshite enjoys writing and maintaining plain html and css after like the ~50th project lol 🤷

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somebody pls give me an new job in coop and remote and flexible hours thnx


putain javoue des fois joublie completement francois holande

food adj 

@charlotte but looking up "nut free vegan" there do seem to be alot of stuff thats now making me hungies

food adj 

@charlotte idk why i only thought of this as milk oriented dont mind me

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