@bun idk about gaming but u could cop one of these stockx.com/supreme-sigg-vacuum absolutely 🔥 🔥 🔥 💯

idk what genre locked club, re:drum, any act and stuff like that is but i want to learn to make it
(i guess youd call it indus ? but i mean like all indus warehouse events and whatnot ive been too were kinda like kids bop compared to what they do tbh)

psa you can use ubuntu's lock screen timer as a truly random on/off toggle
even better than background radiation
sometimes it no lock for 2 weeks
sometime it lock after 3 minute
who nose

i had a hit toot again but i forgor 💀

sometime i click random chanel because idk attention stuff and dont realise i click nsfw chanel and then i see booba and im like 👁️ 👁️

so we werent actually supposed to watch the dream manhunt videos for the meme homework huh

they should do studies into whats up with shitty flute and human brains

i rly hope one day ill fuck around in daws enough to actually know how to make stuff that pops up in my head all of the fucking time without any effort like "oh that bass needs to be filtered like that" and such instead of "okay this thing that ive turned every knob randomly for about half an hour maybe sounds like what i had in mind i dont even know at this point ive been listening to the same 4 bar loop for 30 minutes send help"

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what am i supposed to do imagine things with my mind ?

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very bad and extremely humounglously dangerous 

(i plug my powerstrips inside my powerstrips, im lazy, and have not many plugs)
(if its worth anything i usually plug a cheap 4 slot one on a like 10 slot one that has like a fuse and every protection you can think of that i've had for over 10 years at this point so its rather sturdy ig)

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oh how i missed you old friend
im sorry it was too hot because boomers but now we can be together again

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yeah sure but make sure that YOU are subscribed to wirtual

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i hate software development actually companies can go fuck themselves i just wanna smoke weed and pet rats

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