people have to realize that the "web" or what i think they mean "the desktop web" is pretty much a dwindling thing these days
even in countries where people can afford full on computers the "web" traffic is like 2/3 mobile devices
and in some countries it is so so so much more common to have a smartphone than an actual computer, that you do everything "desktop people" do on... gaming, watching movies, series, browsing social media, listening to music...
that's pretty much what 95% of people do

and since ecosystems that were the norm at the time this happened like Apple the App Store have lobbied in a manner that makes it so it is pretty much impossible to offer a decent "web page" only experience on mobile devices, the "web" meta went from focusing on your "web app" to your mobile app, often resulting in "desktop" web app that are kind of frozen in a state of usable but just overall behind what the mobile counterpart apps offer

sure you could argue work has been done over the years since with PWA and stuff, that its a bit of a better situation these days (and even then, youll never get "native" mobile level apps with only a web page, at least for now) the fact is that the industry (for better or worse, just making an observation) has focused on the respective ecosystems, be it ios or android and just deal with maintaining two apps that do the same so they usually don't bother with a web on top

and the entire maintaining two apps thing was even too much of an ask because entire industries were born out of being able to write your apps for both android and ios, stuff like flutter
so yeah i think overall its a fact that not many people still care about our silly little web browsers anymore
i'm not saying its good or bad but it is the reason the "desktop web" is in the state it is in...

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