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just saw this in a bio and am steal
"i prefer open criticism towards my mistakes over quiet disapproval" thanksies

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i do a lot of screaming at the void, please don't take any of it personally

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(beware this cat is feral and was never properly socialized)

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also i have a 1.18 minecraft server running on ✨ ✨ for those of you interested in that
its pretty much an anarqueer vanilla server that anybody can join
the map is relatively small and freshly generated for 1.18 so that the world size stays manageable long term (especially now that build height is twice what it used to be)
its in offline mode with automatic login for paid accounts so even cracked people can join and theres a skin thingy

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new domain will be using this from now on probs and opening registration

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[cop show voice] an illegal hacker tool known as "uBlock Origin"

stop it or my dad bill hawk will press F12 on your ip


can element stop filling my localStorage and like end up being unable to send messages ?
how does that even happen...

i pretty much have to clear localStorage every month or so because they are running a blockchain in it or someshit idk

i love windows and having 3 cmd prompts just zoop in and out of existence when you boot it up
shit i have to do to for interviews smh

kim petras is like the acceptable way in 2022 to covertly still enjoy early 2010s club bangers because its legit just copy pasted bangers for the parts of turn off the lights that aren't vocal first songs
plus its fucking gay

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I’d love to see sighted people who still believe in the ideals of free and open systems try to use Linux, or your fairphone, or PinePhone, with your eyes closed. See how much the community gives a damn then. Feel that optimism drain away like water from an emptying bathtub as you try thing after thing, until to never find something that makes you anywhere near as productive as you were while you had your eyes open.

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Oh BTW, Soundscape is by Microsoft. Seeing AI, a sort of camera app for the blind, is by Microsoft. I cannot overstate how loyal people with disabilities can be. iOS is the dominant mobile OS for the blind because Apple gives us a new feature, and bug fixes, every single year. Windows is similar, but more so because of momentum and training. Even with “smoll” stuff, the most popular and featureful Gemini browser, Lagrange, is inaccessible.

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Nourriture végétarienne (au moins), kink 

Ah oui, le Vore™, je connais... :blobcatgiggle:

anime intros that go hard (in no particular order)

- Kim Possible
- Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boyz
- Code Lyoko
- Powerpuff Girls
- Totally Spies!
- Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
- Petit Vampire

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Svp arrêtez de poster et partager les Sutom et Wordle et pavés d'emojis. Vous rendez, sans en avoir conscience, le fediverse au mieux très agaçant et frustrant à parcourir, et au pire complètement inaccessible à certaines personnes.

Si un pavé d'emojis n'a pas de CW approprié, ne le partagez pas. L'accessibilité devrait pas se faire au bon vouloir de chacun et au détriment des personnes que ça handicape.

Et n'en faites pas vous-même. C'est vraiment pas cool :/

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